Sunday, March 28, 2010

transport anyone ngeh3 n_n (prt 3)

but hey, arent we all regualr teens and school leavers, so what do we use to get around???

yes!!! long live public transport & our great god given legs... n_n without them we cant get anywhere with a breeze hee~ thankxs to them i get to meet my sweetheart, hang out wit frens, nn sight seeing around kl.
the most useful transport ...
dont take anything 4 granted aiyte...

live like your dying

transport anyone ngeh3 n_n (prt 2)

my current bike : honda wave 125 s

standard all round bike, easy to drive, easy to cilok, not dat great 4 long distance driving ( pancit sampai sentul 4m hulu kelang weihh) but still... aint fully mine... n_n

what i want to drive : naza blade 250 R
affordable for a sports bike, great 4 bachelors like us to get around, stylish too n da total price is around RM20,000 so a great bargain he3

my dream bike : kawasaki ninja 250
@_@  its so pretty.... its so expensive.... its so so so...
aww... i melt seeing it....

one last continual...


transport anyone ngeh3 n_n (prt 1)

since most of us school leavers have already gooten our license, i tink its nor mal for us to dream of a car or bike that we want n wish to drive aint it. its never wrong to dream, it just helps u get a clear picture in life of what u want. so i say " dream people!! but dunt forget to take action too ngeh3". so i want to share wit all of u what my dream vehicle or means of transportation that i wuld like

currently: mom's honda city
its a great car, auto transmission, sleek design, great steering, free... he3
its just aint mine ha3 =)

what i want to drive : perodua myvi
 i have been attracted to this car since riding in it with my pak su hee~, economically beneficial, affordable car, a lot of selection, an ideal car for teens and young adults like us yey!!

my dream car : an audi
very luxurious, very expensive, always have been in my heart, no doubt my dream car n_n

to be continued...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

hey all...

wa... i just wntd to say hi to my blog ngeh3, i miss it so much.... ill entertain u bck l8r k blog, i wont have anythind to do so, he he nows my chance.... l8r blog...

live like your dying