Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome Back Me!!! xDDD!

Hye all ha3 its been so long ive been away...
hello to my blog
hello to my readers
hello to the world
hello... to my world ;))

To begin my blog again i would like to promote eminems latest album...

RECOVERY - dedicated to anyone who is in a dark place trying to get out. Keep Your Head UP! It Does Get BETTER!!

This time his lyrics are more centered towards self rebuilding and bringing urself back up
and as usual his lyrics as explicit as always but it brings a brand new context which is imbued with moral values

My Top Favs;
1. Im not afraid
2. Cold Wind Blows
3. Talkin 2 Myself

Enjoy guys, IM BACK!! he3 :DD

Live life to the fullest