Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Subway and The Qoi.

Its been awhile since I had subway for lunch. The place where its almost unlikely that you wont say the word umm haha. The subway that I went to was lightly decorated with chinese new year ornaments with the music im like a bird filling the background. With the calming atmosphere, I cant but help to reminisce at the memories that I have with subway.
Qoi. Someone I miss. We shared alot together. The girl stories. The gaming experience. The dota time together. The time spent in the dorms together.  Until, the last time I ever laid my eyes on that lucky bastard. Hoping he's doing fine there out abroad.
Whenever I see a subway vendor around it would always remind me of him. As he wouls constantly challenge himself to not utter the word umm. Its funny seeing him holding back the umm thinking of his order. You should try it yourself though I never bothered to. Id just enjoy the food. Qoi does have his quirks and perks and thats what makes him... well... him.
So, on this day, I treated myseld to a 6 inch turkey breast and chicken slice with 2 pieces of chocolate chip cookies at the cost of RM16. Heres to you qoi. Wherever you are. To the moment and memories. And until we meet again take care of yourself.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Change is constant

The only thing that is constant in the world is change.

A beautiful concept. It rings true for us all. This is my ode to 2013.
Don't be afraid of change. A new experience is never bad. It can strike awe in your mind and expand your prespective. Most of all, you can decide if the change is not of your suit. Its not wrong to change your mind. I myself has observed a lot of changes within me and also others around me. I was once with the cream of the crops, now i'm with the layman of us all. Im not sad nor am I boasting and I'm not even damn close to being proud. I am just as is. Its a new canvas for me to paint on with the different experiences and people around me.
Be in constant change.  You'll find something even bigger and better than you could have imagined. May the truth then be also upon you. To 2013. To you. To us all. Lets change so the world can too.

A cup of hot chocolate

<p dir=ltr>It dawned on to me a few months ago, back in 2012, sending of my friends, and I were to return back. Only that I wasnt with a cup of hot chocolate, but I was with a glass of hot teh. I was struck with the same sort epiphany anyways.<br>
That very cup of hot chocolate that we see in western movies actually symbolises more than just a warm offering to a guest in our home. It means a lot more.<br>
In winter you can't imagine how cold it is unless you have experienced it yourself. In the midst of getting through the barren coldness from without, the cup offers warmness to arise from within.<br>
It also symbolises hope. In all of the icy and blank whiteness of the season, the cup of hot chocolate reminds you that there is still hope. Hope to live on and not give in to the bleak tundra. Hope that you will meet warmness again in the upcoming spring. Hope that you will keep on fighting for life. Because this is the one and only chance we got. <br>
I could still fondly retell the story of how my glass of teh went. I was just starring rigidly into space at the UTC food court in Pudu. As I was contemplating where I were and where I am going from there on after sending of my friends, I took a sip of the teh. At that very moment it struck me. It struck me how the hot chocolate means so much more than just a drink. Its a very strong symbol for hope and preserverance.
It is with my greatest hope we would offer anyone be it our friends or family or even a stranger a nice warm cup of any drinks that we have. It is a small gesture of kindness that would bring a smile. Be kind for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle.
Thats all from just a deep reflection from a cup of hot chocolate.