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Click If You Believe In Kindness

Kindness... I believe in it n_n
Because kindness... keep the world afloat...

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On a more personal Note

"to be accompanied by yiruma - river flows within you "

Mikhail Shamsul Bahar
The Half brother i never had
Your company was amazing and treasured,
amidst all the sexy back and intelligent brain
In ur pursuit of truth you reign on the right path
To have known you and your family meant a lot to me
Ur smiles, ur thoughts, urself
thank you bro, keep up the good work, keep being alive

Qaiyyim Amir
Koi, Garu-garu, Quya,
All the yo-yos, the dota, the time spent on stalking,
to 9gag, alamanda, banting, and Bukit Tinggi,
perhaps the most meaningful time i spent with most
All the crazy ideas and plans,
Ur presence kept me company,
Thank you bro, keep working, playing and living.

Alif Farhad Rasul
Jet, Stress~!
Apparently mine was too over whelming,
I was honoured and had immense fun with you,
those few silat moves, the time spent laughing around,
joking here and there, the fitness we planned, the game we shared,
those gave me hope, physically i wasn't at par nor was i mentally nor even emotionally,
Keep fighting jet, keep strong, inspire others as you have awed me.

Afif Syazwan Alias
My roomate, my master, my sifu, my friend,
The best roomate i ever had, I don't know if you know that,
Ive forgotten how we first settled in together, but all i know is that i like you alot,
We shared our crazy times, our fears, our hardships, our troubles,
This is your story, write it Afif, Decide as a man, dont be afraid of any road you take.

Saufi Baharuddin
Saufi, the great English guy,
Your slangs, your ideas, your personality, your traits,
your ambition, your fire, your passion, your strength,
Thankxs for the experience to know you and CoD too.

Ridhuan Azlan
Ridhuan, The Shy Great person,
It was good times around you,
your crazy ideas, your words, our enactment,
thankxs for making me feel understood, we share many things alike,
but also a lot of differences, keep loving, have passion, stay motivated,
you still keep my words right?

Afif Amran
Afif, Smart Alec,
You are the reason that very smart guys are cool too,
Playing with your hair was endless fun, and to have you around to talk too is great too,
But from where you are, I know why you are great,
Keep it up, Afif Hakkarin

Afiq Khalid
Afiq, AK, setiap langkahku teringat akan kamu,
Thankxs for the slippers, thankxs for the fun moments, thankxs for being lively,
Thankxs for the gags in class, thankxs for the toilet moments, thankxs for the daurah experience, Thankxs for not giving up on me,

Amir Faisal
Yam, we had a mix of experience together,
Somehow, we got entangled a lot, you saw what i had to face, and i saw yours too,
Lucky we were connected in that way, we both had the best experience of our lives together,
Get all the phone you can you phone maniac, keep working hard, a lot are rooting for you,

Sarran Raj
Mr Sarrrrran Raj~
Having a friend like you gave me some extra colours,
Sharing our moments and crazy midnight theatrics, 
It couldn't have gone better, the daily encounters,
It was great knowing you.

Izzat Rusly
Loque, Bumbung, PiBi, Mpp
Its amazing how many people around me are so strong,
Your heart is pure, never stop loving, never stop giving, and never give up Loque,

Hanging Around Never In Sync

Yearning Under Sky Ruthlessly Awed

Never Ordinary Rain Amidst Moving Inwards Revealing Answers

Rebirth Inside Dear Home Where Amazement Hides

Selling Yokes Against Zealous Army

Astounding Interest Seeking Harbors Again Hope 

Seeking Yodel Alarming Main Investment Matter

New Age Dawn Heavy Irk Ajar Hope

Happy Zits Run Into Neutral Allies

Jumping Evading Bashing Actioning Hoarding

Thank You To All. Thank You So Much
Thank You to those whom I have tried and found comfort and support with.
(: U helped me reach this far...

KMB, my personal epitaph

KMB... If you were to google it, you would probably end up with top searches such as Kowloon Motor Bus Company and Koperasi Melaka Berhad. That is not the KMB here, this is Kolej MARA Banting. This place is not special at all, Its just another asrama Mara, but, the people here makes this place special. The gathering of all these great people from all across Malaysia to embark on a radical course not yet familiar with Malaysia nor its system of education however, still got contaminated by Malaysian System anyhow, the IB Diploma Program. This is my personal epitaph for KMB and this is the content of my heart. Read At Your Own Censoring.

As a whole,
To my classmates,
3 guys and 12 girls to whom i share most of my mornings with. We are a mixed pack. We have so many colours and personalities that I have yet to understand. But without a doubt, every single one of you have been amazing. Be it from your growth, opinions nor effort, you are all great. We went through a lot together. I still thank all of you for the poem you guys wrote. (: it describes accurately a lot of stuff. Thank you classmates. Afiq Khalid, Wan Mohd Faris, Asyraf Tahir, Noramira Shafleena, Fatin Najibah, Hazrina Mohamed, Zafirah Anisah, Ridhwah Anis, Muna Ain Zalikha, Dayang Farah Hanim, Zulaikha Mustapha, Fatimah Anuar, Nursyafizan Amalina Rahamzan, Syaza Zuhailee, Nurul Syamim Zulkifly. Thank you.

To my MPP Family,
14 people, 14 leaders, 14 strength, 14 pillars, 14 hope, 14 students. We had our ups and downs. We have our highs and lows. We have different conflicting opinion and ideas. We have our own style of leading. From autocracy to democracy, from seriousness to laid back. We had a good time. We learn and we grow. Keep it up guys, the fight is far from over. Stay strong. Reconcile, find a common ground, be a leader. Thankxs also for the birthday on the roof. n__n it was an awesome moment no doubt. Mohd Izzat Rodzi, Fadhilah Nordin, Mohd Izzat Rusly, Nurhanis Arbaie, Aina Nurina, Fahmi Maslan, Nur Azre, Mohd Mikhail Shamsul Bahar, Nurul Syamim Zulkifly, Mohd Nazrin Umar, Chong Jie Ming, Asyikin Aznar, Iqbal Rafie, Faiq Hassin. Work hard and don't forget others!

To my PiBi Family
Probably too many names to write down but, you thought me how to think outside the box, how to see the big picture, how to decide, nothing was wrong nothing was right, it was about solving problems, we have our own methods but it worked n_n we we're trapped in the jungle, we we're locked in a psychological warfare, we left for awhile, but not forgotten. We can run away from Pibi, but the PiBi Inside will always remain. We are PiBi-ans. Thank you PiBi-ans.

To my Karate Family,
From our advisor, Cik Fazilla Zakaria, to two of our sensei, Sensei Izwan and Sensei Thiagu, I havent been a good president, I wasnt able to bring the club up to par with taekwando, plus in the end a lot of members pulled out. I apologise. I had many ideas but seems like they are merely on cloud nine. I'd like to thank Kitaro Irwan, Farhan Azami, Hizri Hamzah, Nurliyana Munirah, Nursyafizan Amalina Rahamzan, Nurul Syamim Zulkifli, Nur Ezzati Sobran, Atiqah Zayed, Fazliyana, Afifah, Sakinah and all the loyal members and members of Karate Club, Thank you for your cooperation and hardwork, Sorry we weren't active much. (: I hope we learnt and grew a lot together. Thank You Karatekas.

To my DoTa Family,
From the dota king, boiler ; Izzudin Faiz Rofaie, to my roomate , Afif Syazwan Alias ; Longkang, to garu-garu  ; Qaiyyim Amir, to pro bs Jet ; Alif Farhad Rasul, to Alif Aufa , Macha, Fadhly Hasanoor, Kechik, to Panda Taufiq Ersyad, to Razin president lambat makan, and all the Dota players of KMB. Thank you for teaching me DoTa, i wasnt good at it but playing with you guys thought me better. DoTa I still believe is a good thing. Lets not forget to do our assignments and keep us reminded of this bond that we have. Once in a while wouldnt hurt, but emphasize control. You are great people. You can play dota and also excel. Thank You DoTa. Thank you guys.

To D'Batch,
D'Batch, i wasn't there at the day of the establishment of it, how i felt at a loss. But the batch is not merely a name. It is an idea. It is an identity. It is an attachment. It is our strength. It is our pride. It is our honour. It is our link. And we are only as strong as our weakest link. This may be a personal fight. This may be your own endeavor. But don't forget those around you too. Not you very own ring of friends but beyond that. Beyond your rooms, beyond your common rooms, beyond your tv rooms, beyond your blocks, beyond your surau, beyond your classes, beyond your teachers room, beyond your academic block, beyond your fields, beyond your courts, beyond your pavilion, beyond your gym, beyond the palm oil trees. Beyond your homework and assignments. Beyond our own self. Take time to help each other out. Take time to note each other existence. Live giving more than receiving. One day, we will see each other again, we may even work hand in hand. That is the time D'Batch will be remembered. The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.

To the Teachers,
My teachers, you are all great teachers, experienced, filled with knowledge and amazing. I wasn't hardworking enough, thats my flaw. There's an old malay saying that, perigi tidak akan mencari timba, tetapi timba yang perlu mencari perigi. Somehow, sometime, someway and somewhen and somewhere, perigi perlu mencari timba .  Simply because, even the well could dry up. Sharing multiplies joy, and divides despair does it not? I'm going to get alot of critics for this, spoon fed is not good, yada yada yada. However, knowledge is more than just on paper and examination. Wisdom lies in more than just forcing to think. It lies beyond laissez-faire and before perfectionism. I have learnt a lot and received a lot. Thank You teachers. My teachers. Ms Aqyn, thank you for believing and trusting in me although i didn't even trust myself. Bt I'm sorry to not be able to live up to your trust and believe. You gave me a lot of hope, If only I approached you sooner,I might have believed in myself again. Pn Reda, my EE teacher, I've failed myself and wasted alot of your time. I'm so sorry for worrying you and troubling you. English was never the less a fun class. I'm weak in my own opinions. And your numbers doesn't lie. Im a student as how your numbers and my attitude to you dictates me. Pn Rosmaria, my mentor, my ToK teacher, I love ToK very much, I like questioning and exploring knowledge. I rarely understood it. I read and re-read books but I never seem to be able to grasp it.
Sorry for that. As a mentee, i know you so little, I'm sorry for that too. Pn Siti Sarah, you are a pure hearted teacher, Just like my mom, Learning Bio was a breeze with you but i wasn't keen on re-reading on your notes, my bad, i wasted a lot. Pn Aida Sabli, my maths teacher, I'm still confused and scared of you, You strictness in maths is respectable. It help me to do work. But it rarely made me understood. I hardly consult nor did i do extra exercises. My bad too on that part. Pn Azahana, Malay was fun because of you. I like learning malay because of you. Thank you for your teachings. Cik Fazila Zakaria, I tried, but it didn't sustained. You have thought well,Just the student didn't studied hard enough. Pn Mimi, BmS, was an interesting subject, it was a subject of life, i could have sworn every aspect of bms could be applied to life. Learning required alot of reading. I apologise for not reading frequently and failed to produce my IA still. Ustaz Yazid, I learned from you about Islam more than from the lower and middle school PAI. Islam was more than just a syllabus that text book scripted. You thought me that Islam also centers on sharing. I still do apologise for not memorizing most of the surah. Low Accessible Memory hehe. Pn Haziyati and Ms Oja, I would wish that I had found you teachers sooner too. It was easy to talk too and relate.En Hafizi and En Latiff, thank you for the CAS and extra corricular activities. Even receive good advices. To Pn Noraini, En Hatta, and Dr Saidah, you might not know me well nor do i know you well, but you have taken good care of the college no doubt, from the teachers, to the students and staffs.

To the other unit of KMB,
Thank You Pak Din and Lab assistants for making lab work more fun and less stale. Thank you to the non-academic staff for keeping up the maintainance, and keeping up with the dorm repairs. Thank you to the wardens for being there. To Segi Sinar Enterprise for being the tenants of DS, the best I have seen so far in my life, To the MakCik Ko-op And MakCikDobi, thank you for your endless labours and enduring the complaints.

Thank you to everyone in KMB.
Personally, IB Diploma is a great program, The structure and core of it entices me to no end. But as long as it is gripped by the Norm Education System, IB Diploma is nothing more than and advanced high school course, whose identity has beens saved not by the course but due to the students we're smart and intellectual to begin with. KMB will always remain special because of those inside of it. Those who make this a special place. Thank You.

New Year's Resolution

# Start anew and work hard #
It may not seem much but thats my new year resolution.
And I celebrated my new year with a song
Boyce Avenue - Find Me

Just thought of sharing

Fighting Everyone~
Daebak! SStttrrrreeesss~! XD