Sunday, January 1, 2012

On a more personal Note

"to be accompanied by yiruma - river flows within you "

Mikhail Shamsul Bahar
The Half brother i never had
Your company was amazing and treasured,
amidst all the sexy back and intelligent brain
In ur pursuit of truth you reign on the right path
To have known you and your family meant a lot to me
Ur smiles, ur thoughts, urself
thank you bro, keep up the good work, keep being alive

Qaiyyim Amir
Koi, Garu-garu, Quya,
All the yo-yos, the dota, the time spent on stalking,
to 9gag, alamanda, banting, and Bukit Tinggi,
perhaps the most meaningful time i spent with most
All the crazy ideas and plans,
Ur presence kept me company,
Thank you bro, keep working, playing and living.

Alif Farhad Rasul
Jet, Stress~!
Apparently mine was too over whelming,
I was honoured and had immense fun with you,
those few silat moves, the time spent laughing around,
joking here and there, the fitness we planned, the game we shared,
those gave me hope, physically i wasn't at par nor was i mentally nor even emotionally,
Keep fighting jet, keep strong, inspire others as you have awed me.

Afif Syazwan Alias
My roomate, my master, my sifu, my friend,
The best roomate i ever had, I don't know if you know that,
Ive forgotten how we first settled in together, but all i know is that i like you alot,
We shared our crazy times, our fears, our hardships, our troubles,
This is your story, write it Afif, Decide as a man, dont be afraid of any road you take.

Saufi Baharuddin
Saufi, the great English guy,
Your slangs, your ideas, your personality, your traits,
your ambition, your fire, your passion, your strength,
Thankxs for the experience to know you and CoD too.

Ridhuan Azlan
Ridhuan, The Shy Great person,
It was good times around you,
your crazy ideas, your words, our enactment,
thankxs for making me feel understood, we share many things alike,
but also a lot of differences, keep loving, have passion, stay motivated,
you still keep my words right?

Afif Amran
Afif, Smart Alec,
You are the reason that very smart guys are cool too,
Playing with your hair was endless fun, and to have you around to talk too is great too,
But from where you are, I know why you are great,
Keep it up, Afif Hakkarin

Afiq Khalid
Afiq, AK, setiap langkahku teringat akan kamu,
Thankxs for the slippers, thankxs for the fun moments, thankxs for being lively,
Thankxs for the gags in class, thankxs for the toilet moments, thankxs for the daurah experience, Thankxs for not giving up on me,

Amir Faisal
Yam, we had a mix of experience together,
Somehow, we got entangled a lot, you saw what i had to face, and i saw yours too,
Lucky we were connected in that way, we both had the best experience of our lives together,
Get all the phone you can you phone maniac, keep working hard, a lot are rooting for you,

Sarran Raj
Mr Sarrrrran Raj~
Having a friend like you gave me some extra colours,
Sharing our moments and crazy midnight theatrics, 
It couldn't have gone better, the daily encounters,
It was great knowing you.

Izzat Rusly
Loque, Bumbung, PiBi, Mpp
Its amazing how many people around me are so strong,
Your heart is pure, never stop loving, never stop giving, and never give up Loque,

Hanging Around Never In Sync

Yearning Under Sky Ruthlessly Awed

Never Ordinary Rain Amidst Moving Inwards Revealing Answers

Rebirth Inside Dear Home Where Amazement Hides

Selling Yokes Against Zealous Army

Astounding Interest Seeking Harbors Again Hope 

Seeking Yodel Alarming Main Investment Matter

New Age Dawn Heavy Irk Ajar Hope

Happy Zits Run Into Neutral Allies

Jumping Evading Bashing Actioning Hoarding

Thank You To All. Thank You So Much
Thank You to those whom I have tried and found comfort and support with.
(: U helped me reach this far...


  1. Salam. I am not dat good in english to begin with, so forgive me if my words or sentences hard to be understood. I always look at you salman as a great person. I even took you as an inspiration figure for myself. Your words, your actions, every single thing about you is truly admirable. Deep down inside, I know you are a strong person. No matter where you are, no matter what courses you are trying to venture after this, we will always support you. We love you salman, and we always will. Hugs,kisses,and lots of love and ukhuwwah for you my dear friend. -----from Fahmi

  2. Weyh, nak keluar KMB x ajak! Aku pon nk kuar gak.Hahaha. Btw,leaving without saying goodbye to me is a sin U know.At least reply my text laa.

    So now you're a free bird. Free from the cage that trap U. Trap all the potential that is enormous inside U. Hope you're now able to fly higher, high above the ground!(Now Playing- Higher by Taio Cruz)OK, ignore that. Now, pursue your dream Salman. I mean your TRUE DREAM. Not other's dream. Coz, U need to remember one thing. U will definitely fail if your dream is to satisfy everyone.Don't belief me. Google cerita seorang bapa, anak dan seekor keldai di zaman Lukmanul Hakim

    Allah know what the best for U. So, take care bro :) Jap2, nk tukar playlist jap. Now playing- Doa Perpisahan by Brothers.

    Baru masuk mood dia. Goodbye and may Allah bless.

  3. i am the one honoured for having known you, man :)

  4. good luck in your future undertaking :D