Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I almost died...

I was just reminded today of an incident that I had about a year ago. I almost died. It was literally shocking! If memory serves me right it was during the night of Teacher's Day preparation or was it Raya, but playing around with electricity was what I did.I hooked up a few merry lights and tried to fix a plug. Contrary to my much needed common sense at that time, I forgot to turn of the main power grid, and hence I briefly grazed my hand on an exposed live wire which led to a few seconds of numbness and a total state of utter amazement. Amazed that I'm alive. Amazed at how the shock felt. Amazed that I was shocked literally. It just suddenly came back to me. On that night, I appreciated electricity at a whole different level. I started to unveil my views of normality towards technological advancement and realized what an amazing world that we live in now. From your basic lamp and lights at night, towards handphones and smartphones now, and the internet. On the night I almost died... it just turned out to be... another... normal night...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another First

Perhaps it was a brief moment of rapture,
how'so I couldn't be so sure,
seeing the light that started to fade,
I wonder if this is where I would wade,
I don't know how i should feel,
I don't know what should I say,
I don.t know where would I fit,
In a sea full of people, smart and not,
Would I just a mere man, able to beat not?,
Learn all that I can is what I must do,
Be the best of what I can is what I must do,
To make the best of where I am is what I must do,
No matter where I would be thrown,
I will came, see, conquer and own.