Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friday Prayers, the best time for me...

we muslims.. pray daily...
bt... no prayer struck me deeper then Fridays prayers
its da day that i really look forward to everyweek...
i try to get to the mosque before 12.30 bcoz there would be a tazkirah session,
personally, dis tazkirah gve me more impact n to most people,
even during the khutbah i cn guarantee u, 80% of us are sleeping,
n 80% of us are awake during tazkirah, ironic ha ha
after the khutbah n praying session,
i wuld not go bck home directly...
i wuld sit down at the same spot that i prayed,
n perform solat hajat, where i convey my wishes to The Almighty,
it mkes me feel good n refreshed a new soul
i would contemplate my future, my relationships, my family, my health n wealth, my heart my mind n my soul
as i wuld always pray for others...

no matter who u r, where u r now, what u hve become,
always believe in God,
bcoz sumtimes...
even Google have no answers

live like ur dying