Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adam, Eve and Evolution ( a preview )

I think any biology student or man of science would know what this is.
Take it as a preview for my next article with the title; 
Adam, Eve and Evolution.
Lets take it in an entertaining way after this.

Life is like a painting

We've all heard of that before haven't we? Life is like a painting, we paint it however we like to. I'd like to give an extension to that. Its not exactly about life. I find that quote rather fitting to gear towards human personality, your personal characteristics that makes you, YOU. So, here is how my revised version of this quote goes; Life is like a painting, it doesn't have to be one ULTIMATE painting, you can work it out as you go with multiple creations and masterpieces. Now, lets break that down to the sum of its parts.

Lets go to what makes a painting. You would need the painter itself, the canvas to draw upon, colours and pencils and pen to draw and outline, skills and also techniques to draw. The painter is clearly that YOU we are talking about. The canvas is more like what you have been given, your body, your environment and your biology, or the cards that you were dealt with in the beginning of your life. The colours, and pencils and pens are for you to choose. These can be your personality, your traits, your emotions, your beliefs, what makes you you in a way. Skills and techniques are up to your creativity and preferences that you yourself are free to decide and try out.

A baby was said to be the purest of all canvas. So pure that nature, nurture and environment determines the initial colouring or will majorly influences your preferences and views and outcome in life. This canvas is not your only one. I dare guarantee you that.

Try imagining a new colour. Thats just impossible isn't it? (if it isnt, do suggest it a.s.a.p :]) But the hues, the contrast, the depth of it all can be varied to suit any masterpiece. 

Skills and techniques are open to all. Your are not bounded by anything at all. The world is open for you to discover and experience. Open for you to mould yourselves in.

Now, the biggest revelation of all was that, You need not only make one painting! Heck it might not even be a painting anyway. You can go ahead and make a pappier mache if you'd like. Its all yours to experiment and try out. All the phase in life are just one of your masterpieces that you keep on producing through out life. It was more of finding your favourite colours instead of finding your true self. 

There is no pressure on yourself what so ever. Make mistakes. Don't be scared. Find colours that you love and try all the colours untill you find the right one that suits you the best. Sometimes you want to try something new or you picked up a trait from a book that you read or a movie that you watch. Give it a shot and see what you get out of it. From there on reflect and pick what you like.

Every time you reflect your going to see that you have changed from before. Sometimes your going to be scared of what you have become and wished you were like the old you back. DON'T FUCKING BE THAT. That is a masterpiece of yourself in the past not for you to be sad or depressed but be proud. You have learn't something.Nothing was in vain. You emerge out as a new person more sharp and wise and ready than ever to face the world and make more paintings.

As you go through life, take a moment to think all that you have been through, the small smile that an old friend gave you till the large things that made a great difference in your life. All laid out in a big gallery in front of you. From you were a child until you are here now and you see empty spots that stretches out into the future. The stretch are all filled with past you that you moulded and mould by. As you see and grow, you start to pick with which one that rhymes with you stuff that gives you good juju. All the period that you notice a change was a masterpiece of you.

One day, you are going to share all those artwork of yours. To your family, your loved ones, your children and those whom you love and care for in the form of stories. So, are you going to paint the same paintings over and over again... or experiment and find the one that suits you perfectly, describes you perfectly, that you wont be shy to parade as your 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wits end...

Damn... laying in my bed... surrounded by these 4 walls... there I am... thinking what am I doing now... enjoying a brief moment of relaxation?... but I have no idea what to do... things are statting to get pretty lonely these days...