Friday, January 3, 2014

Mini Rant : That Back Hand Slap In High School

I just had finished a good meal consisting of a deep fried chicken carcass, curry mee and stir fried baby kailan courtesy of the local night market and my mum; the stir fried kailan that is. Now as I was chowing on that carcass, that tasted as dry as I remembered it was 7 years ago, I had a flash back. Of how I was bitch slap by my hostel block disciplinary teacher during that one fateful night. Now that I think about it deeply, did I even deserved it? Should I have blocked the slap and slapped him instead? I would given my current state of mind and experience though.

Now the back story. I sort of only remembered it vaguely but I think the prime reason was that our batch was causing a few disciplinary problems. Nothing generic, just run of the mill smoking, dating, skipping class here and there, skipping prep times and all the taboo shit you should not have done in the hostel life but, hey, that's what you get man. And so, we were gathered in the surau both male and female students to be lectured on and be thought a lesson. It was a long talk but, I remembered I had to stand up and come to the front and got frickin back hand slap by that teacher/warden! Oh boy if he was holding it back I wouldnt have resented it as much, but, dammit he pulled all the way!

Why was I slapped you ask? Maybe because I was the batch leader, sort of. Went through some elections and selections and I was selected. Now, I was supposed to lead this group of chemically unstable, rebellious teenagers, which I was a part of too, so it seems. Hell I can't do that. If they want to smoke, they gonna smoke. If they want to fall in love and be loved, they are going to fall in love and be loved. If they want to skip class and skip prep they gonna! What was I to do? I can give a bit word of advice, that is all, but heck I was as miserable, as confused, as chemically unstable and as rebellious as them all was.

Now, he going and gathered all the students there from our batch there. ALL I tell ya. Even all the good ones too. Na'ah he aint selective. The problem was, its this them trouble makers! not us good ones. Aw hell the reasoning was you're from the same batch and so all of y'all gonna get it. Hell no! Some of us aint friends with some of them trouble makers. If they were our friends, who were kind to all and helpful, I would gladly take the slap for them but no! If I deserved that slap I won't be complaining but I went by the rules and got slapped too.

Sorry, went a bit ghetto there but anyways. I forgive him for slapping me. But I aint never going to forget. EVER!