Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Subway and The Qoi.

Its been awhile since I had subway for lunch. The place where its almost unlikely that you wont say the word umm haha. The subway that I went to was lightly decorated with chinese new year ornaments with the music im like a bird filling the background. With the calming atmosphere, I cant but help to reminisce at the memories that I have with subway.
Qoi. Someone I miss. We shared alot together. The girl stories. The gaming experience. The dota time together. The time spent in the dorms together.  Until, the last time I ever laid my eyes on that lucky bastard. Hoping he's doing fine there out abroad.
Whenever I see a subway vendor around it would always remind me of him. As he wouls constantly challenge himself to not utter the word umm. Its funny seeing him holding back the umm thinking of his order. You should try it yourself though I never bothered to. Id just enjoy the food. Qoi does have his quirks and perks and thats what makes him... well... him.
So, on this day, I treated myseld to a 6 inch turkey breast and chicken slice with 2 pieces of chocolate chip cookies at the cost of RM16. Heres to you qoi. Wherever you are. To the moment and memories. And until we meet again take care of yourself.

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  1. LOL. now i wonder how shadowy u are. (n i'm not even know whther my english is wrong or broken anymore.) -_-"