Saturday, February 16, 2013

Change is constant

The only thing that is constant in the world is change.

A beautiful concept. It rings true for us all. This is my ode to 2013.
Don't be afraid of change. A new experience is never bad. It can strike awe in your mind and expand your prespective. Most of all, you can decide if the change is not of your suit. Its not wrong to change your mind. I myself has observed a lot of changes within me and also others around me. I was once with the cream of the crops, now i'm with the layman of us all. Im not sad nor am I boasting and I'm not even damn close to being proud. I am just as is. Its a new canvas for me to paint on with the different experiences and people around me.
Be in constant change.  You'll find something even bigger and better than you could have imagined. May the truth then be also upon you. To 2013. To you. To us all. Lets change so the world can too.


  1. Yeah, he told me he met you. But, what is it with "the guy who plays YO-YO all the time?" haha~ *pengsan. missing u mate. Weh, masuk grup Alienz balik meh.. sume tgh suram ni, need u to lighten it up! hohoh~

  2. he(the one mentioned) is definitely 180degree different from me. by every aspects. full stop. haha~ so, u'll be having no more than two completely different person. wahaha~ (gila kejam).. but seriously, come join the fb group.. its the time to reunite. WAHAHA~ (evil laugh tapi dgn nada serius) LOL

  3. err... "Alienz".. what else could it be.. hohoh~ btw, engkau ni wujud ke x dlm fb tu? -_-