Tuesday, June 7, 2011


"Love is just like life, it's not always easy and it does not always bring happiness. But, when we do not stop living, why should we stop loving." - Raj Aryan -

There's... something special in these stories that i see in Bollywood movies that I do not get in Western Movies, or any other movies in fact - for now, It's the missing element. Something that I can relate to and immerse myself in the full emotions of the characters and the messages and values that it tries to delivers. Western movies are very entertaining and fun to watch, but it won't impact me much personally, not because of poor acting or bad directors, but due to the major and vast differences in culture and status quo of a given society. When watching movies, I want to be inspired, to be moved, to be swept of my feet and feel something new rather than just a short lived enjoyment even if its just a grain of life lesson's I'd be contented.
Mohabbatein... did that for me...
Its not that complicated really...
Shah Rukh always impresses me with his acting. ( which reminded me to download the ost hehehe ) The story itself has a lot of fruits that if we take it to heart, reflect upon it more than just touch the surface but peer into the deeper depth of the iceberg, you will never live a life o regrets.

Treading this road of life I'm still quiet naive and young, barely 19, who am I to say I know everything? but then whom are you others guys to say that I didnt do what my heart said was right? Its a conundrum so to speak but almost 20 years of living and 10 years of memories, i believe a lot of life's lesson we have picked up approaching adulthood. You... me... us... all of us... we have learned a lot from life. Being the human that we are, we sometimes forget the lessons that we have picked up - sometimes of that that meant a lot. This is where movies come in to remind... to rediscover... to reveal... to reinforce... to project... lessons... ideas... opinions... beliefs... principles... of life... living... loving... with the one thing that makes you who you are... Your Heart... Soul... Spirit... Consciousness... that nobody else can define for you.

There are just so much... in this movie that makes you smile... mourn... giggle... feeling all melancholic ... makes you wonder... awed... amazed... and taps you in the heart...
Thank you for recommending it to me and ...
there are a lot of resemblance ... so much... (:
but... do u dare make the choice?
a choice by heart... which is so crazy... but the world is mad all over heart itself...

Follow your heart...
In my opinion... you'll never regret it...



  1. favourite movie ever kotttt. gawd, kau dah berjangkit dari syaima ke apa nih layan hindie movies ni? ehehehe :)

  2. It gives me hope =)
    To something that I may have that I didn't had before
    Movie lain entertainment je mostly kn
    I needed something more n_n

  3. true.true.
    you should watch these two movies; LASKAR PELANGI and SANG PEMIMPI.
    so much inspiration :D