Friday, June 3, 2011

Musical Truth

I have been tuning on only to music for the past few days.
I seem to have found something that strikes me as familiar once again.
Could there be a grain of truth in every musical lyrics that correlates to everyday life experiences?

" Music Is Love In Search Of Words "

Listening to the words... Reflecting upon them... Does bring up something...
I intend to break down lyrics of songs that I listen too and start to really appreciate the beauty of it and the truth hidden behind it
You can find a lot of quotes and sayings especially among teenagers that music is a major part of their life.
It is also a part of mine too.
Music have been existing since eons of our existence. It have always been a part of culture and daily experiences of people all around the globe. They provide a pair of binoculars to peer into the human soul and understand what we are experiencing and give us a sense of belonging, a sense of hope, something to hold on to, to face the situation that we are facing.

If... the songs that we tune in too... had only words and no tune... we would experience  a lot less....
If... the tune that we tune in too... had no words but only musical melody... our insides would be triggered and you can feel a vibration in your hearts that directly touches your soul... but no words to describe your experience.
Thats why you need to have both... And the best song that truly stirs your emotions are the ones that contains all the words that your looking for mixed with the precise tune that shall bring the whole piece up to another level.

Perhaps in my next psot, I'm going to break down songs...
Break it down to it essence and try to understand what it means and relate it to my life...
What I've experienced... My hopes and dreams... My fears...
Ps; I've got so much to write on, so many things to share, I wont hesitate no more n_n

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