Monday, August 8, 2011

Will you please... As I will too...

The Soul
( Apology to family, teachers and friends )

Will you please understand
Rather than instruct or command
Of who I want to be
Of who I could be
Of who I am

Will you please love
Rather than hold as a responsibility
Rather than care out off necessity
Of who I am 
Of whom I could be

I know, I understand, I get it
That care, love, knowing, and understanding
You all have it
I know what all of you are trying to do
I see it I know it
But is it for real
Or am I taking it differently
But who is to blame

We see the world differently
From different set of planes
From differing principles and beliefs
From astoundingly dissimilar world views and perception 
From diverse experiences
From witch none is right or wrong
From only we can do is to understand
We hold truth as tightly and as loose as the earth and the seas

I know you care
All of you do
All I wanted
Was nothing more
Than our common ground
Of witch we are broken down into nothing more
The human within

I want to feel appreciated
As you do
And I will do the same for you
I want to feel special
As you do
And I will do the same for you

I want to have a hand on my back
Just to be there as a support
To not what you want of me but 
what i want of myself
As you do
I will do the same for you

I want to feel the presence of company
An understanding company 
A company that is there to support
My ups and downs
My decisions whether good or bad
A company of either many or one
As you do
I will do the same for you

I want a loving gesture
who makes me human 
feel human be human am human
more than a robot
As you do
I will do the same for you

What wants will become needs
Is when the world is pressing you till your knees
It is the best time to pray and also
The most time in need of support and strength

I beg of you
To not remind me of what I have to face
Its already in my mind and in front of my eyes
I beg of you
To be normal
To be supportive
To keep smiling
and make me smile
so that the world smiles
for both you and me ant the rest of us
As I will do the same...
As I said over and over again...
I will do the same...
for you...

For A Piece Of Paradise

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  1. i got ur back bro...i quote: "Remember... for the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf... (: "