Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bus Stop Musings

Bus stop musings
The bus stop. I wonder how many philosophers have mused under it. It seems like a good spot to do it too. I mean its open and outside there. Depending on the place it can be packed with people or none at all.  Either is good for a moments reflection.
I wonder too how many lonely people have waited or is still seeking a miracle under one. Its a place where its harmless for people to wait and see. To observe and think. To ponder and take action for their lives. Sometimes they encounter friends who gives them a smile for the night. Sometimes you find nothing too. But its okay.
Then you wonder how many couples have it bear witness. The young ones in love and the old who endured time. Listening on to their conversations without being judgemental. I imagine the bus stop with big hands and a bigger heart embracing the couples sheltering them from but a moment of no judgement and only for them. For once the moment is just for them.
Unfortunately, it has also beared witness to the heart breaks and tears too. The fights the pain and the tears layed there.
The bus stop has single handedly witnessed a lot of things through out its lifetime.

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