Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i have walked all along all this streets i call home, i have walked all around kl n saw alot of stuff,
no matter where i look, no matter where i see , no matter where my eyes lay upon, no matter how i observe, n ... how i wish so much for companionship. i have travelled a lot but just around home town.. n i gazed n found out that how much fun would be to travel or go anywhere wit a companion by ur side, i have travelled alone a lone wolf for a long time, its good not to have any responsibilities bt urself and able to explore where ur companions dare not go... bt... ohh... how want a companion so much, being deprived of it during travels hve made me wnt it more...

bt then not every companion would make a good partner...
we need a companion who understands us, who cn be there 4 us, who can stay by ur side who u would travel with n travel wit u... one who cn divide ur grief and multiply ur joy..
make smiles as sweet as honey itself and numb sorrow. in a way ..
uve got to be a very good companion urself.
do unto others what u wish they do upon you,
y isnt that the rule wit any relationship?he he he

even with a wolf u could see that...
their success depends on the whole pack, even if a wolf howls alone it doesnt mean they have nobody by their side, a very caring creature with deep emotions and loyalty beyond boundries, a howl of a wolf cn give support to the whole pack to stand firm in the darkest of nites and await the ever great dawn,
for the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.

we mankind do not differ much. no man is an island, every man is a part of the continent a part of the main. no matter no matter how we put in prospect, we are all entwined with connections thicker than thread and lighter than soul, what we do, what we choose to say, how we choose to react how we try to please... there are equal and opposite thug on the thin mesh of connection webbing...

i miss travelling, jalan jalan, bt i miss my companions more... my friends, my members, my acquaitances... my loved one... gues dis is what happens when u have no money huh? he he he

we'll ive learned one thing... ur companions ur sahabat those u click with and have a little spark of relation means more ... means alot more... not even money fame and fortune could compete. bcoz... they are the greatest treasure of them all...



live like ur dying


  1. to have companions, we must make friends. To make friends,we must give and take. To give and take, we must be tolerant. To be tolerant, patience is essential.

    -nice piece of work ayassy

  2. yo ayassy.lonely huh?
    lets take the air around kl,want?haha.

  3. maskmania: wow....
    bum:he he lets lets, where to go?