Tuesday, January 26, 2010

human body diversification (is there such a word)???

ive recently loved running
although im not fast
but who cares?
i love it...
ur body is free
it is finally doing what our ancestors b4 us did
using the human body mechanics
not to be couch potatoes and stare at the magic box
not to stay at offices 4 hours
it was meant to be used
to be harnessed

i usually jog following a different path each time, for a change of view so that i dont get bored
recently... i ran through multiple back alleys of houses
blakang rumah org la kan
fuih, the smells, the route, the obstacles
undescribeable, untollerateable,
anyway it gave me a new challenge
n i had loads of fun!
i kicked a flower pot down bt i hope it didnt broke
ngeh x100

njoy ur days guys n gals
jump, dance, sing, parkour, shuffle,jumpstyle, njoy music, pen spinning, run
move ur body!!!
look further, take route that uve tot of bt never got da chance
follow ur heart, use ut intuition, do something new everyday,
it need not be big, the small ones means alot too
....diversify ur day...



live like ur dying

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