Monday, February 1, 2010

... canis lupus ...

hey, its been a while
n i want to share wit u guys out there my fascination and amazement with an animal called
canis lupus
i have been entranced by this creature for a long time
everytime looking at it
i feel a calm connection
something that i can find my strength in
its cool eyes, with deep emotions embedded in its soul
as it survives through the frigid temperatures, facing blistering cold and sometimes loneliness
sumhow... i can closely relate to myself with the wolf of the wild

With the stars reflecting off your coat
Of burnished silver fire
Your ears are alert and forward
As a howl echos
Protect the weak, join the strong
Pass the birthright to your young of the forest
May you always remain eternal
in the distance

a wolf howl can become a war cry for ts pack, can give hope
n keep the spirits up for all
the howl penetrates the nite darkness and raises morale to await the ever elusive dawn
i always think of myself like that, hehehe a fantasy of a boy since an infant
out of all the animals in the kingdom
the wolf is among my favourites in my heart


 ~ sar ~

live like ur dying

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