Friday, February 5, 2010

linkin park yeah!!!

the band that kick started my passion for music

this amazing group comprimising of
Chester Bennington (vocals),
Rob Bourdon (drums & percussion)
Brad Delson (lead guitar),
David "Phoenix" Farrell ( bass guitar ),
Mr. Hahn ( turn tables & amp; programming )
Mike Shinoda ( vocals [rap], rhythm guitar, & keyboard )
brought music to my world with their amazing tracks and insane riffs.
the music that they present to the world is a fusion of rock, nu metal and rap style songs that depicts how life is and the internal struggles that we have against the world no matter what age group we are in.
i was taken away by their song because i finally found a band that writes songs that are not romantic type but songs that relates to life's troubles.Their songs have meanings and their songs are life's road depicted in a very cool music. One of my favourites of theirs are numb, papercut, points of authority,pushingt me away, a place for my head, numb encore, what ive done, bleed it out, faint and new divide. These are some of the songs that really goes in sync with my soul for awhile back.They introduced to me that music can be a way of expressing yourself.Simce then, music is a very big part of me.I might not be talented to write my own songs or set up my own band but i sure the appreciate all the music in the world that have meanings and sounds good.From them, i started to listen to music a whole lot and enjoy romantic and love type songs too.
i nearly memorized all of their tracks and it feels so good to sing out loud while the songs are being played.
A part of me is inluenced by linkin parks music and i would like to share it with all of you. try them, love them and enjoy their music.Linkin Park Street Soldier keep marching on!!!

live like your dying


  1. i noe where does the 'symbol' comes from. I thought u created it yourself. ngeh3, I thought it was "SA". your name. my bad.

  2. didnt see that, tq, it should and could be my symbol too he he he