Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kristopher Neil "Kris" Allen

an amazing demeanour for a guy and down to earth attitude that many artist are lacking, he is one hell of a great artist with cool soulful songs under his belt.

it was tiring waiting in line in  mid valley for 6 hours bt.. hey it was worth it, i get to meet an international artist with a background story that truly inspires me. Kris allen is such an amazing guy and is even more great up close, waiting eagerly  for my chance to get his autograph and perhaps even a hand shake. as my turn came up he took my cd cover and signed it briskly and i nodded my head and he replied sure, i took a chance... held out my hand. he gave me a smile and took it. he had a firm grip and i left the stand with a smile, n_n
thankxs for the hand shake and autograph kris, it means alot he he he

kris allen... a great person...  incredible vocals...stunning american idol
live like your dying

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