Sunday, January 3, 2010

a hello to da world...

hello... being a f5 student who have jst fnshd spm.. is kinda boring when u hve no idea what to do... bt it depends on ur prespective ryte? we tend to make decision on one face value... one sided story... but a wiseman would seee da whole picture, he he he so hello world , i am salman ayassy , a boy whose mind is just bout to grow, so beware ... as we noe da new year is at dawn.. 2010 is starting as we part ways to 2009 we enter da new year a decade of advancement..

globally 2009 was a retched year when economic regression occured, war here and there, political fights, bt... i was a boy in mrsm.. blockd from the world for years, not knowing anything out there, bt that place has prepard me.. prepard me for my journey.. it thought me new things, new endeavours, new courtships, new friends, new enemies, new prespective, a new me was born, wow... 2009 was a year full of memoirs...full of experience that i am sure differ from each individual, nonetheless experiences shapes us ... i thought it teaches it shows and it develops u, you only need a second of revealation, a second of realisation, to change everything....

he he he bpk melalutnyer kat atas tu... btw, world here i come..

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