Sunday, January 3, 2010

knight in white shirt and jeans...

let me tell you a story...

on 28/12/2xxx...

a knight woke up and had a thought... a deep thought... he was dying to see his princess... and also he had no idea what to do anymore... he was... dumbfounded by life when school ended... the holiday was too long he thought " y not go to sj heh? a land far away to venture out seeking his princess he he he" he was up 4 a lil adventure at that moment, he jumpd from his bed took a shower, he claded himself in black jeans and a white shirt bearing the words " musik is love in search of word" . he filled his empty " beg galas" with only but a packet of mints, as he armed himself with his mp3, his white myiman phone, his black polo wallet n his yellow weinbrenner boots, riding his chariot (honda city) with his mum to the nearest lrt station.

he had doubts in his heart wether to really go to sj or not, he had told a white lie to his family proclaiming that he needs a new view, bored of the sights around his neighbourhood, his family acceptd his wish and now... he had doubts... as he disembark from the lrt train, he whsikd himself down da elevator out of kl sentral and enterd da underground world of ktm machineries, as he waitd at platform 6 to sj... a song struck inside his head, kris allen - live like were dying, with da exact words { you only got 86400 seconds in a day to turn it all around}. on that moment the ktm transport arrived. he was shocked how everything was in place. it all occured at the ryte moment." it must be a sign from above" he thought. he jumped into the ktm train humming a happy tune, grab a seat near the window, and allowed the train to guide him to... sj...

his mind was racing.. whether to tell the princess of his arrival or to make a surprise drop onto her kingdom, well... the knight was not fond of secrecy so ... he texted the princess and playd a few word tricks of his own, manipulating, decieving and informing the princess of him the knight arrived at ktm sj station he disembark the mighty train and trodded along the side walk until... he encounterd a mighty old bus, " s pyramid , s parade , murah murah !" the conducter shouted at the top of his took the knights attention and,as the knight was conserving money, he took the bus a ride to s pyramid, minutes away from the princess lair. it was cheap, 80sens along sj... he he eh it was a bargain.being a cheapskate, the knight smiled at his fate and luck and lookd at the bright side of his journey. as he enjoys the cinematic view and atmosphere of the ancient, old bus driven by a chinese conductor and as the engines roar vibrated across the bus as it climbed each hill.

at the moment of his appproach to s pyramid... he was swept away with emotion as he rememberd the memories locked in his mind of the place he went with his companions of mighty minds to compete among the top brainers in the the knight toured the entire building , observing, looking, sight seeing and window shopping all over the place he was contented that he made his choice, the right choice of travelling from so far away...he also grabbed a bite at subway to fill his hunger and prepare him for another hike with a taxi.

"what?!!?!?!?!?!" the knight bellowed. "rm16?!?!?! for a ride to usj11???". he had no choice... as he grumbled, and took out his money simultaneously praying that it was worth it, he got a cab with an idian singh.. kot... he he he didnt noe himself. as he enterd the highway and noted his surrounding.. he was aghast by the sight of the neighbourhood..."oh...rumah besar besar eh " he thought. as he wheeled around the corner of usj11/4b his heart was beating fast... it almost stopd abruptly as he reached the end of the alley.the knight stepped off the taxi and startd praying " god help me..." every step he took was accompanied by dog barks across the neighbourhood. as he reached the corner lot of house number 41, he secretly drop a letter into the mailbox of his maidens visage. into her awesome house. as he steppd across the road and hid behind a yellow scholl van, he started to call his maiden's mobile phone.

" u kat ne?" he spoke to the magical box. " i kat tmpat exam lagi, u dh sampai ke ?" her sweet voice rang through the reciever... to cut things short , they met behind her residence in the back alley. they've only met once outside of school of science & leadership (mrsm) and that was even during an educational exhibition. as the knight laid his eyes upon his beloved princess , he captured the moment in his mind, she was wearing a grey sweater with blue jeans, her beautiful face adorned by a purple spectacles and she wore a crocs sandal after taking her driving test. amazingly she scored 47/50.quite an achievement i would say, emotions were sparking. heart beating and sweat emering as they took a walk for a moment before sending her home only to meet again and rendezvous at mcdonald taipan, once again the knight was on his legs and bracing a run across the road , across the neighbourhood, acroos the borders of usj11 and making his way to taipan, city centre of sj.

to the knights surprise, taipan was a maze of road and buildings layered with hills n racing cars everywhere. as he askd for directions , accelerating to mcdonald, crossing 7eleven, guardian a shoe maker.he took a breath and awaited his princess arrival. out of the blue, she arrived with her mum sending her there. unfortunately... a pesky and troublesome spy was tracking her to the bits, her sister.not even that would stop him from meeting and enjoying his time with her.they picked their order and went upstairs to the second floor and embraced the evening together. talking , smiling and savouring the moment was all they cared about.oh, how the knight wished he was there again now...,as the sands of time ran out, he had to make his way back to his land, he had to run to keramat or he would have to face the death trial by his kingdom there. as he wished the princess goodbye, saying till their destiny crosses once more, till he has more money, till the oppurtune moment arrives they will surely meet again.

the knight jump into the abyss, into the road and crossd it as fast as lightning only to hijack a taxi as it is his fight against time now.the driver took him to sj ktm station for the price of less then rm10! it thought the knight a lesson - take a meterd taxi, more benefit than hired cab. as he reached the station, he took out his touch n go n skipped his way across the rail and waitd for his charriot.after tuning in to something right sung by westlife,the train arrivd. he quickly frisk on the train and scanned his watch, the time was 6.15pm, he could make it...he was aiming for a successful trip and what a victory it was. a bright future awaits him as he is still able to write this story... still able to retold the story with modern technology...still able to re-live his experience, the sacrifice he took, the time he spent, the risk he took, undoubtly this event will stay in his heart... my... heart and my mind... forever in ayassy's mind he he he

~ a depection of an event so important to me ~

love the princess always




  1. good writer u are..gotcha!vis a vis.

  2. wow.that was really smart and interesting.this is all about u that im talking to.