Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a slow walker...

I'm a slow walker
a slow thinker too
I never walk back
but i take u-turns and a quick stop 
while around me are running

I'm a slow walker
I run my race, but walk on others
Others laugh at me and support me at their race
but I'm alone in my race
How do I embrace

I'm a slow walker
I don't want to run
I want to enjoy the moment, remember the past and fight for the future
But the runners all around me won't support me or understand me
They keep running and running and running pass me by

I'm a slow walker
I'm not a running man
I walk around with others
I try not to impose others for I don't like it
I like walking with others for it makes me sane and alive

I'm a slow walker
People motivate me with their runs
People implore with their wins
I motivate people with their own race
I implore people with their own hearts

I'm a slow walker
Forever and always
I'm a slow walker
For the world is too fast 
and you live only once
I'm a slow walker

I learned from stories
The goal in life is to be happy
People ask me what do i want to be in life
I want to be happy
They told me I don't get the question
I tell them they don't get life

I'm a slow walker
I do not miss too much of my moments
For I am alive in them
I never lose my breath
Thats what I try anyway
I got caught up with your races too
Which makes me forget the seconds that passes away

I'm a slow walker
Care to join me?

Lets walk (: together


  1. you're not a slow walker, its just that you see so many things and think of so many ideas which make it hard for you to decide.

  2. nonetheless, care to join me? or are you a runner too? he3

  3. Im not a runner. Yet that doesnt make me a slow walker. I have my own rhythm.

  4. Best of luck with your rhythm then (: I'll keep an eye on your pace

  5. hohoho. mine's kinda crazy right now. no rhythm currently
    likewise, i'll be monitoring yours, sir