Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beating Fast

It beats
No surprise there
but when it thumps
thats something

The beating heart
Could be a sign
of biological turbulence
of emotional uprising
of far sighted moments
of a cry for peace
of a drive for passion
of a despair passing
it could be anything
that suits your past experiences... your motivations... your deep desires... your beliefs...

it could be right and it could be wrong
it could be a sign from above or a scream from deep under
it could be the heart speaking instead of the brain reasoning
it could be... anything we want it to be...

My heart beats fast
day in and day out
My heart beats slow and deep
in the moment of being alone
My heart jumps
at the sight of beauty
My heart stops
at the sight of fear
My heart slumps and faints away
at the advance of troubles that I do not wish to face

My heart is beating fast
perhaps of nothing
perhaps of everything
of Red Bull....